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Wrong song.

—Jennah, ???

Jennah Koehler is the real name of JennahCureAnimeMiraculous. She doesn't show up in anything, but she did write a few things. She lost her earring due to Bloo's prize, but got her old one back after spending the day with Mrs. Hamby.


Real-World Relations

  • Michaela Koehler: Her sister.
  • Drew Elliott: Her bestie.
  • Savanna DeVore: Her bestie.
  • Travis Vaught: Her bestie.
  • Kelsi Spehar: Her bestie.
  • Peyton Eyler: Her bestie.
  • Emma Kroah: Her friend.
  • Gianna Cross: Her friend.
  • Isabell Dunfee: Her friend.
  • Alyssa Schillig: Her friend.
  • Katie Cumberledge: Her friend.
  • Mrs. Ehlers: She knew her.
  • Michelle Novosel: Also her friend but what?
  • Werner Werman: Her fictional crush.
  • James: She has a crush on him and he is her boyfriend from hell.
  • Marco: Her boyfriend.

Fandom of Halloween Specials Wiki Relations

Form Changes

  • Thunder Sorceress (WoTS)
  • Telekinesis Magician (WoTS season 2)

100% Originals

Jennah's World

Cutie Stars

Witch Wind


50% Originals

The Real Trouble Butt

Totally not ripping off Trouble Butt no not at all

The Really Real Trouble Butt

The Real Trouble Busters 3.0


What I went as for Halloween

  • 2013 - Megaforce Pink
  • 2014 - Elsa
  • 2015 - Rainbow Nya Cat
  • 2016 - Wonder Woman
  • 2017 - Witch
  • 2018 - Broken Doll
  • 2019 - Sally
  • 2020 - Deer

Upcoming costume ideas

  • 2021 -
  • 2022 -
  • 2023 -
  • 2024 -


  • Jennah is the creator of the channel Jennah Network.
  • It was revealed Jennah is actually Manatsu Natsuumi/Cure Summer.
  • Her favorite franchises are Pretty Cure, BFDI, Friday Night Funkin', SpongeBob SquarePants and the Who are these ghosts memes.
  • She has Autism Spectrum. Period.
  • She has a mascot in her channel named Remote.
  • She loves Halloween, with Werner.
  • Her birthday is July 17th, hence her age is 14, her zodiac is a Cancer.


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