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Flower has won the Halloweenies.
Conglaturation !!!
Flower, has won a great prize!


The following page, Flower, has won the Halloweenies for August 2020.
And prooved the justice of our culture.

Now go and rest our heroes !

The Big Halloween Party - Sheet Ghost.png

This character committed to be a real ghost. Beware, sheet heads!

Area Conversation

I like flower wearing scary stuff

—A user

Flower is a flower in BFDI. She is pretty awesome, she even has her own emoji 🌸

When she was young, she was Cure Flower.

So yeah. Best girl is on this wiki now. She is owned by Summer Parker and is joined by Lolli.

Bitch I'm a ghost bitch I'm a ghost bitch I'm a ghost bitch I'm a ghost I go booooooo.