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This is a list of episodes of the series, first aired between May 1, 2020 and TBD.

Season 1 (2020):

Ep № Season Code Title Debut Image
001 001 Adventures in Virtue-Land May 1, 2020
TBD TBD Patient the Unfriendly Ghost July 30, 2020
Patient went “AGHHHHHH!” very loudly.png
TBD TBD Virtueween October 20, 2020
Kind asked a random human ever seen eating a seed.png
TBD TBD Looking Forward To Your Sleep December 3, 2020
Kind and Confident looked at Patient and she asks about the prank.png
TBD TBD Stare at my Souls February 25, 2021
Chastity and Polite dressed as a waste basket Black Mage as they scare Humor.png

Season 2 (2021):

Ep № Season Code Title Debut Image
TBD TBD Seven Mysteries Of Virtue-Land July 4, 2021
Humanity was disguise as a ghost and scare Unity and Purity.png
TBD TBD The Haunting in Virtue-Land October 16, 2021
Charity runs away from the disguised ghost.png
TBD TBD Haunted Wickedness in Virtue-Land October 30, 2021
Polite draped as a white ghost scares Charity into the swing.png
TBD TBD Adventure in the Dark October 31, 2021
Humility scared.png
TBD TBD Sisterhood Social November 5, 2021
"Patient" revealed as Humility.png
TBD TBD The Mysterious Moonshade November 26, 2021
Charity and Moonshade on stage.png

Season 3 (2022):

Ep № Season Code Title Debut Image
TBD TBD The Ghost Mansion of Virtue-Land October 22, 2022
Kind and Humility were Scared by the Ghost.png
TBD TBD The Ghostest With the Mostest October 29, 2022
Vitality told Charity and his friends that she was betting that they would run straight home.png
TBD TBD Sleepless in Virtue-Land December 8, 2022
Olden Virtue haunts Chastity (3).png